The Hunt

Andrei,Alice, and Fellini on a small cat tree watching a chipmunk We’ve started having some nice days here so the squirrels and chipmunks have started showing up. The kittens are fascinated by them. They spend hours stalking them from the comfort of their cat trees and beds that we put near the sliders for them. Anakin has joined the party a few times too. He still prefers not to sit too closely to Andrei or Alice. Each day they’re a little closer though.

Introducing Cats to Each Other is a Process

The dynamics in the house are still evolving. Anakin and Fellini are doing the best at forming a friendship. Andrei is trying but he is a goofy kitten and does some things that offend the other cats in an effort to play. Anakin doesn’t really know Andrei so he’s not amused at all. Alice and Anakin will need more time. They are respecting each other’s space and that’s a good thing. Friendship will come later.

Big Steps for Anakin

This week Anakin found the new cat tree and decided he likes it very much. He’s getting used to the sounds, movement and schedule of this place.

He also had his first meet and greet with our vet. He was nervous but very well behaved. Most important is that he’s very healthy.


Three cats on stairs, playing with a feather toy

Starting to play together is a huge step in becoming a family. The cats forget about posturing and focus on having fun together. Andrei and Anakin enjoyed a bit of play together this evening while Alice watched. They’re doing really well at adjusting.

Adoption Day: Anakin

Anakin is camera shy so his image is a silhouette of cat for now.

We drove to Enfield, CT to adopt the fourth member of The Crew today. His name is Anakin. He’s a 4 year old sweetheart. I don’t have a photo of him yet because he’s a bit camera shy but as soon as I do, I’ll post it.