Brother and Sister

Andrei and Alice were born feral and are from the same litter. They’ve always had a tight bond and look out for each other. It helped them survive being feral.

They still have that bond despite being pampered house pets.

A few other things we’ve noticed about them which may or may not be due to their life in the wild:

  • They “bury” their uneaten food.
  • They don’t mind water or getting wet very much. Andrei plays in water when given a chance.
  • Andrei can’t figure out a water bowl. He slaps the water with his paws then sucks water off his toes.
  • They have their own language consisting of combinations of normal cat vocalizations (chirps, peeps, meowing, etc). They only do this with each other and our other cats do not respond to it.

The Hunt

Andrei,Alice, and Fellini on a small cat tree watching a chipmunk We’ve started having some nice days here so the squirrels and chipmunks have started showing up. The kittens are fascinated by them. They spend hours stalking them from the comfort of their cat trees and beds that we put near the sliders for them. Anakin has joined the party a few times too. He still prefers not to sit too closely to Andrei or Alice. Each day they’re a little closer though.

Snow Day

We had another nor’easter today. The storm dropped quite a bit of snow and brought high winds and brutal cold. It’s good to see these cats enjoying being warm and safe instead of having to find a place to survive storms. They’re completely unaware of how harsh it is out there.

Fellini, snuggled in blankets in a cat bed.
Fellini, looking content in one of the beds by the back sliders.
Andrei and Alice sharing a bed near the sliders.
Andrei looks out at the storm while his sister ignores it. She’s still upset about the “cone of shame” they’ve put on her post-spay.

Adoption Day

I adopted three feral kittens from Enfield Community Cat Project today. Two are 10 wk old brother and sister kittens. The third is 3 mos. old boy kitten today. All are scared right now but sweet.

Stoney in a crate
This is Stoney. He’s about 3 months old and very shy. When he first saw me he hid behind a piece of furniture and refused to come out.

Benny and Scarlet in a crate
Litter mates, Benny and Scarlet. Benny is in front, protecting his sister. They’re very nervous about strangers.