Enfield Community Cat Project

Kittens on a window sill
Andrei and Alice with a sibling while they were in foster. / Photo: Dawn Trainor Struck, ECCP

Alice, Andrei and Fellini were all adopted as feral rescues from Enfield Community Cat Project. Anakin was an adoption from his former owner through ECCP.

Andrei in foster. / Photo: Dawn Trainor Struck, ECCP

ECCP was great to work with and has an enthusiastic online community of volunteers and adopters that offer support and advice to each other. Feral cats can have some unique needs and it’s good to have other people who have adopted ferals there to help. Feral rescues need a little more love and patience than non-feral cats at first but when you gain their trust it is very rewarding.

Andrei and Scarlet with their siblings and mother while they were in foster. / Photo: Dawn Trainor Struck, ECCP
Andrei and Alice’s mother with one of her kittens. / Photo: Dawn Trainor Struck

ECCP is an all volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit. Their mission is to rescue homeless and abandoned cats in the Enfield, CT area. Their work includes a TNR program to reduce overpopulation; basic veterinary care for abandoned cats; socialization and placement of abandoned cats with vetted adopters. They work in partnership with their local shelter, animal control and other authorities.

Litter mate of Andrei and Alice. / Photo: Dawn Trainor Struck, ECCP

If you are in the Enfield, CT area and would like to know about adopting a cat or kitten, visit their Facebook page or if you’d like to support their work, visit their Amazon wishlist.

Alice in front, Andrei in back, a sibling in the middle. / Photo: Dawn Trainor Struck, ECCP